Barbara Dickerson's Fine Arts

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     Hello, my name is Tara Broome. I have been a student of Barbara's for about two and half years. My son was taking from her for about a year before I started taking. I would drop him off at his class and just wished I could take. I loved coming to visit the class and see all the beautiful work that was being created in the classes. 

     As parents, we also were very pleased with the way Barbara was teaching our son. She is excellent with youth and use to teach fifth grade and also art to children who had been exposed to traumatic situations. So she knows how to teach the young hearts out there. I think she has been blessed with the gift of teaching others in an understanding way and on their level and knows the personality of each person in her class and teaching them in a way they can understand. We were very blessed to have her in our area and very blessed that she accepted our son into her classes.      

     I have learned so much in her classes on paints, mixing colors, showing emotion in your paintings or setting the mood for a painting, color schemes, what kind of painting method suits me and so much more. She has been very patient with me in my learning process and knows how to teach me and knows my weaknesses and my strengths as a painter. 

     And I tell ya, we just have plain ole fun in class too. We enjoy each others company. Ms. Barbara's students have accepted my son and I like we were family and we appreciate the fellowship and love that we are shown. If you are considering taking a fine oils painting class, come visit us! :) we would love to have you and ms. Barb truly loves people and teaching oils is her great passion.  WE LOVE OUR WONDERFUL TEACHER, MS. BARBARA DICKERSON! :)


This where Tara puts her brushes when she is not using that particular one!