Barbara Dickerson's Fine Arts

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Artist Sam Traina

Barbara Dickerson is a fantastic artist both in the studio and oudoors (plein aire).  She's a totally "for real" individual and is very humble in her talents.  Barb is a great teacher and provided me with much needed direction at a time in my art career when I seriously needed it.  She herself has studied with some very well known artists and shares all she has learned from them with all her students.  She goes to great lengths to provide workshops on the side in order to give those who might be interested in additional training in specific areas of oil painting.  

Barb also brings in the 'best of the best' world known artists to put on workshops for additional education.  I know these workshops take much time and effort to assemble and Barbara Dickerson always jumps right in and works hard to bring them to fruition.

I recommend Barbara to anyone seeking to improve their art talent, be it beginners, intermediate, or advanced.

Sam Trainer

Information regarding more about Sam Traina can be found on his WEB site, Sam Traina Fine Art