Barbara Dickerson's Fine Arts

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Testimonials and References Regarding Artist Barbara Dickerson

     Few modern day American Artists' have originated a new dominate, unique painting style; one that is well known and sought out to be learned. Not since the likes of the "old masters" of Europe has there been a captivating change and influence from an artist, except from one Texan.  His name is Dalhart Windberg!  During the past ten years, because of the artistic influence of Barbara Dickerson in the Southeast United States, he has left his home state to instruct artist/student's who study and attend art classes from Barbara Dickerson.

     In 1979 the Texas Legislature passed an ACT naming Dalhart Windberg "The Artist of Texas".  Barbara Dickerson has studied, as a student, six years (twice a year) under his instruction. (see letter below-three years at the time of the letter and three years after)


Letter from Dalhart Windberg, who was chosen to be the Artist of Texas by the Texas State Legislature in 1976,  recommending Barbara Dickerson 

Some of Barbara Dickerson's student/artists who attended one of Dalhart Windberg's Georgia workshop at Barb's Studio