Barbara Dickerson's Fine Arts

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Plein Aire Oil Paintings by Barb
(scroll down to visit different geographical areas where Barb has oil painted Plain Aire paintings)

Recent Oil Painting Plein Aire

Plein Aire oil paintings from a trip to the Georgia coast

2017 - I painted this  old abandoned house in Shellman Bluff Georgia.  It is one of my favorite plein aire oil paintings.

Barb Dickerson

2017 - I painted this oil painting of the storks nesting in the plush marshes where alligators live.  The alligators protect the eggs of the storks by keeping predators away or, eating the eating them.  This plein aire oil painting is in Shellman Bluff, Georgia.

Barb Dickerson


Forgotten Coast Artist week with Barb - Plein Aire

Barb's outdoor two hour Plein Aire class in East Point FL

Barb during a class


Another workshop location

Barb's location for two hour contest in Carrabela Fl


Conyers Monastery of the Holy Spirit Plein Aire Painting

Barbara Dickerson was one of several Artist to attend this special event on the grounds of the Conyers Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers Georgia.  This was the second "paint out" on the grounds in the long storied history of the Monastery; the first was eight years earlier.  The invited Artists were allowed to traverse the spacious grounds and buildings during a special week of Plein Aire painting.

Below are the paintings Barb completed during the week.  She invited her current and former students to drop by to visit and view, while she painted in the beautiful outdoors of the Monastery grounds

Barb completed thirteen Plein Aire Paintings during the week of which eleven were sold at the end of the week.

Barb painting at one of the areas she selected on the grounds

"And there was Light"

At the end of the week paintings by the Artist were offered for sale with proceeds donated to the Monastery.  Pictured here are customers looking over the Barb's paintings in her booth that were completed during the week long Plain Aire painting event.

"Humble Abode"


"Old Office"

(this painting is hanging in the new Burial Grounds office building at the Monastery)

Barb taking a break talking with Brother Louis, one of the Monks of the Monastery

"Monastery Guest House"

"Honey Creek Woodlands"

"Peaceful Retreat"


"Monastery Lake"

""The Rock"

(this painting is handing in the new Burial Grounds office building at the Monastery)


More Plein Aire oil paintings by Barb

"Autumn Leaves"

8x16 framed $575

Original Plein Aire oil painting by Barb Dickerson at Hard Labor Creek, Rutledge,, Georgia