Barbara Dickerson's Fine Arts

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Additional information/paintings by Peggy Donovan

     I started taking art classes with Barb way back in 1997 or 1998 and have been with her for most of the time since.  Life has gotten in the way a couple of times and I've had to take brief breaks but I always go back.  Why do I feel that I need to keep taking lessons after so many years of it?  I do it because I never want to stop learning different ways to create a better painting and she never stops wanting to teach better ways.  She continues learning them herself and is excited to pass her knowledge along to her students  By painting some at home I enjoy applying what I've learned but by going to class with some great people, I not only create a piece of art, but I create relationships with those people.  The encouragement and support in the classroom is amazing and I've received great ideas just by watching Barb work with other students in the class.

     Barb also schedules informative workshops where she teaches different techniques and she sometimes arranges for guest teachers to come teach as well.  These are so much fun that the day flies by!  The plein aire workshops where we go to some location such as a park are also a highlight.

     Painting has become very therapeutic for me because while i'm in class I do not think of anything but what I'm working on.  My favorite things to paint are landscapes and water scenes in particular.  When I do something with water in it, I can almost take myself there in my mind and that makes me a very happy girl!

     Thank you Barb, for being an amazing teacher!

Peggy Donovan

Original oil by Peggy Donovan