Barbara Dickerson's Fine Arts

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     Having taken art classes as a child and dabbled in art throughout my life, I eagerly looked forward to finding a weekly art class when I retired. I saw a display for Barbara's classes in my local Hobby Lobby store and contacted her. I began taking classes on a substitute basis until she had an opening and then I  became a full time student. That was almost five years ago and I am amazed at what I have learned. Barbara encourages her students to paint what they want to and works individually with each student. The classes are very uplifting and enjoyable. I was pleased with the first painting I did in Barbara's class and the ones that followed, but now that several years have gone by I can see details in my work that are more masterful than my earlier pieces. dditionally, I have become a  lot more independent with my painting and now focus on original work. 

      I am Jane Moore, retired teacher with Gwinnett County Public Schools. In the foyer of my home hangs one of my painitngs that won a blue ribbon at the Gwinnett County Fair. I especially enjoy painting barns and rural scenes including roosters and other farm animals. Some of my works are for sale at my antique booths at the Cotton Depot located on the ground floor of the historic Monroe Cotton Mill, 601 South Madison, Monroe, Georgia,     

                                                             Jane Moore