Barbara Dickerson's Fine Arts

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More oil paintings/information by Enid Shannon

     I have been taking classes from Barb Dickerson for three and a half years.  When I started I knew nothing about color, color wheels or harmonious color schemes, shades, highlights...these were all foreign concepts to me.  All I knew was that I wanted to learn how to oil paint.  Barb is a patient, encouraging teacher.  What I love about our classes is that we choose what to paint and paint at our own pace.  When we get stuck Barb is there to give suggestions to show us different strokes, help choose our color schemes and mix colors with us, better yet teach us how to mix our colors.  She is there patiently encouraging us and watches us grow as our talent allows.

     I have taken several workshops with Barb and each time I learn so much more than I thought I could.  I have taken her Plein Aire workshop which started my interest in painting outdoors. Her Original Painting Workshop was inspiring and exciting.  Who knew choosing a particular color would make the viewer have different feelings!  I tried this when I painted "Bertha" (below), my late husband's tractor sitting on the property he loved.  I wanted the feeling of nostalgia and everyone who looks at it says the same thing.  how they can feel his presence when they look at it and how they remember how he loved that tractor.

     I just took another Color Workshop with Barb this past month and all I want to do is mix color.  it has opened my eyes to how many combinations of color there are.  Color Schemes I never knew or understood how they effect my painting by making it more harmonious.  It is inspiring and so exciting!

Enid Shannon

Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia

"Hanes Creek"


"Yellow Butterfly"

"Summer Morning"



Blue Bird

"Butterfly Soldier"

"Little House at Hanes Creek" 

(painted on site at a Plein Aire Workshop)

"The Dancer"