Barbara Dickerson's Fine Arts

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Paintings/ information by Doris Gunn Smith

As a complete newbie at painting, I first started taking oil painting classes from Barb about 1977, when we were both living in Middle Georgia.  I continued classes with her until her husband was transferred to the Atlanta Area.  We did not keep in touch.

Since Barb was my first and only painting teacher, I had no way to compare her with other teachers until I transferred from Middle, Georgia to the Augusta, GA area.  I took some painting classes from other teachers, but they could never live up to my comparison to Barb.

I never forgot about Barb, and often thought about her and wished she were still close enough so I could take more classes from her.  A few years after I retired I decided I would Google her to see if I could find her.  To my surprise, I found her website!  She had moved back to Georgia and was teaching in Conyers, GA.

I contacted Barb and my sister and I started driving 1.45 hours each way to take classes...once a week.

I have learned a lot and have many beautiful paintings that I painted in Barb's classes!

Doris Gunn Smith


  This painting was done in a workshop Barb taught on how to use the intensity color wheel in order to achieve proper depth perception.

Doris Gunn Smith