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   In addition to student classroom instruction on a previously agreed schedule in her studio or at a Hobby Lobby location, Barb offers special intense workshops in her studio.  One of the most popular and beneficial is the Color Mixing Class.

   Offered no more than once or twice a year, this two day, 9 am to 5 pm (or later) workshop is a must for students who desire to understand color mixing that allows your personal artistic ability to grow.

     Barb's teaching of color mixing is a culmination of twenty years teaching oil painting (she has a bachelors degree in education from University of Illinois) and forty years of painting, of which thirty-two have been full time as a teacher and instructor.

    The classroom students bring nothing but five specific paint colors, mixing knife, brushes and a small canvas for the final exam!  During the two full day workshop, numerous handouts and a notebook, along with charts for practicing your color schemes are given out to learn, practice and keep.

     New, as well as seasoned students can connect the dots of all the properties of color and how they are used, overlap and don't overlap and how the color wheel works and is organized, enabling you to mix your own colors.  No note taking required as a notebook, complete with charts and paint mixing tips will be provided.  Barb's experience has shown that hands on mixing is best on how to grasp an understanding of, and learn to mix, paints, which will take 90% of the time for this two day class.

   Contact Barb to hold your position for the next available class!  You will not be disappointed!

I attended Barbara Dickerson's "Science of Color" class on February 28, and March 1, 2017 and was very pleased at the information which I received there.  Barbara has used her many years as an artist to compile a great deal of useful information on how to mix and use colors, to make your artwork look more professional.  I have already started seeing an improvement in my work.  I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in improving their knowledge in and use of, color in their artwork.

Kimberlee Sparks


Color Workshop student Beth Callahan reviewing her painting using her personal choice of mixed colors learned in the two day class workshop.

Beth applying finishing touches

Left is black and white photo Beth used as a guide.  Right is oil painting Beth used with her own mixed oils  learned from the workshop.

Barb's color theory class was a wonderful addition to her weekly classes I attend, and truly helped to build foundational skills that will help me to move forward.

Beth Callahan

Above:  Jim Herman enjoying first day of two day color mixing class in Barb Dickerson's Studio.

Below: Jim's final exam painting uses specific paints he selected and mixed during the color mixing class

Jim's comments about Barb's Color Mixing Class:  "For the past two years I have spent countless minutes and hours reading books, manuals and color wheels to the point that I was becoming 'colorblind' regarding mixing oil paints.  FINALLY, after committing to Barbara Dickerson's Color Class instruction, my world of color has returned!  Thank you Barb for inviting me to your class!  It has opened my eyes and created a new excitement to my paintings!

Jim Herman