Barbara Dickerson's Fine Arts

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Art Biography of Barbara Dickerson

     Becoming an artist never entered Barb Dickerson’s mind until she was married with three

young children. Like most little girls, Barb loved to draw and color, but as she grew to young aldulthood her interest was in education. She graduated from a private high school in Illinois and attended the University of Illinois where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.

     Barb stayed home to take care of her three young children after she and her family moved to

San Diego, CA.  Barb finished one year of her masters in Administration at Mesa College. Looking for something fun to do, she remembered a beautiful water color painting of a mallard duck her identical twin sister Betty had painted in high school.  Barb thought, "if my twin Betty could do that, maybe I could too."  That was it; Barb would try her hand at painting.

     Moving near Houston, Texas, Barb painted on her own for a while.  She was surprised at how well she did along with positive responses from people viewing her art paintings.  After a while she hit a road block and realized she needed some instruction.  She searched the nearby big city Houston and found a wonderful artist, Pat Souma, who had been a student of Dalhart Windbergs'-a well known and famous artist in Georgetown, Texas. Barb studied Windberg’s Flemish Old Master’s palette and techniques for two years under Pat Souma's toutlage. Then she and her family moved to Georgia. There, as in Texas, people loved her paintings. In 1979, she decided to take a big leap by going to an art show to see what kind of response she would receive.

     Doing much better than she thought, Barb signed up for more shows, eventually being accepted into the most prestigious shows up and down the east coast. Barb listened closely to customer’s comments and educated herself by taking workshops from well known artists and she read numerous books on art. In the next five years, she quickly learned how to market her work at shows to increase her sales. For five years she did shows for fun and extra money. She was doing so well, when her husband was laid off from his job; they decided to do shows full time together. This career course was a surprise, but it seemed to be a natural course to follow.  Barb painted with a passion as The Dickerson family participated in art shows full time for twelve years, making a good living and raising their children.

     Finally, tiring of the constant travel from doing shows, Barbara decided to see if she could build a new business by teaching her secrets to the public. Armed with her education degree, Barbara blended her knowledge of teaching basic fundamentals to her new students in the form of Oil Fine Arts on canvas.  In two years, Barbara’s classes were built up with a waiting list and she was launched into her teaching career. Numerous newspaper articles have been written about her classes and students. Barbara was glad she followed her heart. She has met many wonderful people as well as enjoying her career as an oil painting teacher.  Besides her weekly classes, Barbara teaches workshops on color, how to create a mood in your painting using harmonious color schemes, creating your own art identity, how to paint original paintings as well as many other important aspects of color and painting.  Barbara’s strengths include an innate feel for color and eliciting emotions from the viewer in her paintings. Barb goes the second mile with her students believing in teaching them all she knows to help them become the best artist they can be. She uses very little lecture in her workshops using “hands on techniques” to let students experience as much as they can.

     Barbara discovered Dalhart Windberg was still teaching workshops in the year 2000. She took several workshops from him and has ended up being an ongoing student of his for six years. Barb enjoyed reading two books written about him, “The Artist of Texas” and “In the Path of the Masters”. Dalhart was so impressed with Barbara’s skill and teaching status that he made two rare visits to Georgia to teach a week long workshop for her students. Barbara was also asked to teach in several national workshop organizations as well as private workshops around the United States. While teaching a workshop in San Francisco, Barbara was talking to the marketing manager of Golden Acrylics, Howard Thaller. Golden ended up using Barb and ten of her students to test their new Open Acrylics which was very instrumental in Golden coming up with a high quality paint and mediums that was easy to control and multi dimensional. Four artists were used to introduce their new product nationally and Barb was one of them.

     Barb is delighted that many of her students have won awards, honors and earned money from the sale of artistic original paintings.   She encourages all interested people to browse the Students Gallery on this WEB site to see many fine paintings of current and past students, who paint not only to sell their paintings, but for fun, family and the enjoyment and satisfaction of accomplishing a beautiful painting.

     Barb loves to pass on her knowledge and all of her art secrets to anyone who would like to learn to paint condensing the time it would take them to learn to paint. Students are surprised about how good their first painting is. Barbs motto, "teach other people like you would want someone to teach you!"

Barb's Family Photo Album

Barb, son Roger with his wife Adrienne and one of her daughters, Wendy

Barb's Grandson Nathan Roetger

(More paintings by Nathan in the Students Gallery!)

Identical twin sister Betty (left) and Barb.  Two years old

Barb (left) with identical twin sister Betty.  Two years old 

Identical twin sister Betty (left) and Barb

Barb, daughter Wendy and son Roger

Roger, Carrie and Wendy Dickerson

Identical twin sister Betty (left) and Barb age 3

Identical twin Sister Betty (left) and Barb at age 27