Barbara Dickerson's Fine Arts

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     I began studying under Barb in 2011. I was particularly interested in landscape painting. I had tried several on my own. Although I thought they were good at the time, the more I learn from Barb, the more critical I become of my earlier paintings. However, as a result of trying on my own, I had a paint box full of different tubes of green paints. 

     When I began my landscape in Barb’s class, she forbade me from using any of my green paint! I had to mix my greens. She said the green I needed for Green River I would get by mixing yellow ochre and ultramarine blue together. I used black and white to darken and lighten the green and more yellow ochre or blue depending on where the light in the painting was coming from. As I began to catch on to this procedure, I began to realize that my painting had a certain unity. It was like a family in that all of the greens were related. Thus, I got very interested in mixing my own paint. I also got fascinated with using a limited palette.

     For Lake Delevan, I used a limited palette of Permanent Rose, Severs Blue, and Cadimum Yellow.

         Bettye Jo Martin

Green River

Lake Delevan, Wis