Barbara Dickerson's Fine Arts

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Renowned Artist and teacher Barbara Dickerson......

Barb would love to hear from you!

Please use the "contact us" menu item above or email Barb Dickerson

 phone 678-471-0592

Currently accepting requests/applications for current year and next year - All levels (beginners, intermediates and skilled).  For more information contact Barbara Dickerson for a personal conversation by using "contact us", email or telephone.  Barb would love to talk with you!

Complementing her students regular scheduled classroom instruction; Barbara Dickerson offers periodic 1-2 full day workshops in COLOR MIXING and PALETTE KNIFE techniques—available to both regular students and non-students.  Contact Barb for more information on the next scheduled workshop dates.

NOTE:  Barbara Dickerson's Fine Arts endorses and utilizes a NON-TOXIC classroom environment.  Mineral Spirits and similar solvents are substituted with NON-TOXIC safe products that are just as effective and produce desired results.  Any Spirits/Solvents for final application a student feels necessary to use can be added away from the classroom as desired.  Barb will be happy to explain this policy in detail upon request and provide a list of Spirits/Solvents that are prohibited in the classroom.